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Well, Ben rolled over last night for the first time. Barely four months old and he’s already mobile. I honestly didn’t think it would happen this soon. Sure, we laugh and joke around about how active he is, but I’m not really ready for that to translate into mobility. And crazy kid, once he rolled over he started pushing up with his arms and trying to with his knees, like he’s going to figure out how to start crawling by the time he’s six months old! Mom’s really not ready for that, big guy. You’re growing up too fast as it is.

Both of the boys are going to the doctor tomorrow, and in anticipation of that I looked in their baby books today to see what their last measurements were and to compare them (I know, good parents aren’t supposed to do that, but who’s a good parent?). Ben was 25.5″ at his last appointment at 2 months, which is only 1/2″ shorter than Sean was at 4 months. The kid is beastly long, I tell you. It’ll be interesting to see how much they’ve both grown. Even Sean seems to have sprouted in the last few months–pants that were dragging the floor on him at the beginning of the winter now just fit. *sigh* They’re both growing up way too fast.


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welcome, me

Here I am, placing my stake in the ground of online publishing. I’m really embarking on this more for myself than for anyone else, mainly as a way for me to record my present thoughts and moments so I can have something to go on when/if I want to scrapbook about them in the future. I have so many “little things” going on in my life right now, little happy snippets of my days, that I never want to forget. And until I can get full force into scrapbooking, this will have to do.

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