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Ben acquired the nickname “Hurricane Benjamin” this month, due to his being a whirlwind of activity that leaves chaos and destruction in his wake. We can honestly barely keep up with the little guy, and partly because of that he has discovered and accomplished plenty in the last month. Here’s what he’s been up to:

  • Crawling from room to room. Pretty much as soon as he learned to crawl, he realized that he could now quickly and easily get anywhere he wanted, and he started doing just that.
  • Pulling toilet paper off the roll. After several days of going into the bathroom and finding a mound of toilet paper on the floor, or walking into the hall and seeing a trail of it coming out of the bathroom, we finally wisened up and started keeping the door closed at all times.
  • Pulling up and standing up in the bathtub. I still don’t know how he hasn’t gotten hurt in there yet. It’s not the most stable place to stand, obviously, but he keeps going after all the tempting things around him despite the falls that inevitably come.
  • Playing with electrical cords. The only ones he really has access to are the ones under my desk, and he seems to instinctively know when I forget to close my office door.
  • Playing with cat food. Let’s just say that there is cat food continually strewn about our kitchen floor. Yes, he plays with it. No, I don’t always clean it up. The end.
  • Climbing the stairs. Oh, yes, and unfortunately he started doing this when neither Chris nor I were there with him. We discovered it by the “thunk” that followed. And I’m sad to say that I forgot that he had done it once, I failed to put the gate up, and he did it again. But I think he still loves me.
  • Rolling under the gate at the top of the stairs. Granted, he didn’t go all the way under, and it was quite by accident that he almost did anyways, but it still left my heart in the pit of my stomach for a few minutes. He’s only done it once, so far.
  • Pulling my cookbooks off the shelf. He thinks this is really fun, for some reason.
  • Teething. After a miserable two weeks of little sleep for pretty much the whole household, he finally got two teeth to show for it. So far this is the one thing he does slowly.
  • Emptying every box or basket of all of its contents. It’s almost cartoonish, really, the rate at which toys and objects go flying when he’s clearing them out. I don’t know who or what he’s trying to beat, but I’m sure he’s the winner.
  • Gagging. This isn’t exactly an accomplishment, I realize, but it’s certainly what he’s been up to anytime he’s given something solid to gnaw on. Cheerios, biter biscuits, zwieback toast–they all choke him up, so we decided to hold off for a little bit longer. He really just seems content to drink mom’s milk and eat a little bit of baby food everyday. That will soon change, I’m sure, once he figures out the chewing thing.
  • Smiling. Still a sweet, happy baby that’s so much fun to have around.
  • Cuddling. Everybody who holds him comments on how snuggly he is. Some people grab him just for the hugs.
  • Growing. He hasn’t grown into another clothing size yet, but he just looks like an older baby now. And it seemed to happen so suddenly, it took me by surprise. You can definitely tell he’ll be a toddling one-year-old in a few more months, a fact that makes me very, very sad.

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Lots. This tiny little word isn’t clearly defined, as evidenced by the definition above. And it was the source of great amusement when Chris came home from the grocery store the other day.

I was working, we needed food, so he went in my stead as he so often does. I’ve never had an issue with sending him for me because he’s always gotten exactly what I needed (something I didn’t think was possible for a male to do considering what I saw growing up [love you, Dad!]). On this particular day, one of the items on the list was mozzarella cheese, and beside it I had simply written “LOTS,” meaning more than one little 2-cup bag. So, I’m unloading the groceries later on and I find not one, not two, but THREE 2-lb. bags of shredded mozzarella cheese. SIX POUNDS OF CHEESE, PEOPLE.

I think I now know how Marilla Cuthbert felt after Matthew came home with 20 pounds of brown sugar.

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and so it begins

I’ve wondered before what it must be like for parents of older children to send their kids out into the world, whether to school or a friend’s house or wherever, and not really know what information, be it good or bad, might be infiltrating their minds while they’re away. I thought it would be a while before I experienced that myself with my own children, but it seems to already beginning. Not in a bad way, fortunately, but beginning nonetheless…

A few weeks ago Sean heard me and Chris talking about a friend’s baseball game, and he chimed in, “Big Ben hit home run!” Now, the kid loves sports but he doesn’t know much terminology from any of them, especially something like a home run. Or so we thought. When we asked him where he learned about a home run he said, “Robert’s baseball game,” in a tone that implied, “DUH.”

Then last week we were driving in the car and I hear him start singing. I turn around to see his little hands rolling the gospel chariot along. Again, I was dumbfounded. We didn’t teach him that song (it’s not in our usual repertoire of church songs that we sing at home), and he’s only had a new teacher in Bible class singing that song for a few weeks. Amazing. And you could tell he was so proud of himself.

And when Chris got Sean dressed a few days ago, the little boy insisted on wearing his Cardinals shirt completely backwards with the Cardinals logo on the back and the “PUJOLS” and “5” on the front. When he’s worn that shirt correctly before you could ask him what was on the front and he’d say matter-of-factly, “Birds.” So out of curiosity, I asked him this day what was on the front and he looked down and said, “Um. Num-bee FIVE!” Chris and I were dumbfounded. Where did he learn about the number five? Sure, we’ve read him a few numbers books, but did he really pick it up from that? And if not, then who taught it to him? Unbelievable.

I’m enjoying knowing that everything he’s learned so far out of my reach has been innocent, because I know there will all too soon come a day when he comes home asking about things I don’t think he ever needs to know, and I’m not ready for that quite yet.

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