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my sons, the song leaders

This story line may be getting old, but it still cracks me up.

Tonight in church while we were singing I Keep Falling in Love With Him, Sean was belting out the phrase “over and over again” quite literally over and over again. Meanwhile, Ben was sitting with a friend of mine at the other end of the pew with his arms outstretched, waving them in the air like he was conducting an orchestra. The combination was too much. I admit it, I laughed. Out loud.


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Since I haven’t posted any in a while, and just downloaded them from my camera today, here are photos of the boys from our trip to Texas last month:

P. S. Look below for new pics of Ben. I can’t get enough of that little face and those feet.

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ben at ten is…

Yes, his little nose is runny and raw and bleeding. But isn’t he sweet?
  • Climbing everything–stairs (all by himself), step stools, boxes, tables, dishwasher door…
  • Clapping! All you have to do is say, “Clap, Ben!” and he starts smacking his little hands together.
  • Almost walking–he’ll walk along only holding one hand, he’ll stand for seconds at a time without using anything for support–he’s all set to go, now we’re just waiting for him to do it.
  • Finally eating fairly well. Up until this month he hasn’t been too interested in solids, but now he’ll eat them fairly regularly. And he’s finally figured out how to chew, so choking on finger foods isn’t a problem any longer. But that also means that he now considers any little morsel on the floor to be finger food, i.e. cat food, paper, styrofoam, etc.
  • Mr. Temper–we’re already dealing with stubbornness to the extreme, impatience, severe head-rearing and back-arching. I think we’re in for some fun times ahead. He’s definintely his own little person, and he knows it.
  • Sporting 5 teeth now. He got three up top in just one week, and we’re still waiting for #6 to come through. They make him look so old.
  • Dancing. Almost any time he hears music, he starts rocking back and forth and/or shaking his head. And if he’s the one who started the music playing, he’ll press the button to get it going again when the song ends.
  • Grunting. It’s his main form of communicating. Just a quick little, “Ugh!”
  • Adorable–he’s grins and giggles galore, and so so sweet. I’m wishing I could slow time down and enjoy this baby stage of his a little while longer. A few more months is all I have left, and I’m not nearly ready enough for it to end.

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like little children

After watching Sean’s interest in spiritual things increase dramatically in the last several months, I think I finally fully understand what Jesus meant by becoming like little children.

I commented earlier on how much Sean loves to sing songs from Bible class. We had a singing Sunday night, and one of the songs we sang was Jesus Loves Me. Needless to say, we had several heads turning our way due to Sean’s sweet little voice.

I also discovered when I subbed for his teacher on Sunday that he willingly says an entire prayer by himself in Bible class, all the way from “Dear God” to “Amen,” thanking God for all of his family and friends in between. We pray with him every night, but we usually have to prompt him to get through it, so it was sweet listening to him say an entire prayer by himself (and he’s only done it once for me at bedtime since then–I guess it’s not the time or place for all-by-myself prayers).

We finally started a family devotional after breakfast just a few days ago, after months of thinking about it, talking about it, planning it. We were thinking that to accomodate the little ones and make it applicable, we had to make it more like a Bible class and needed more than just the Bible. We finally decided that God’s people have been learning from just the Bible for years, that’s what God instructed His people to listen to from the beginning, so that should be good enough for even the little ones. After Chris read a short passage and talked about it that first morning, he went to put his Bible down and Sean said, “No, Daddy, me want listen more!” It brought tears to my eyes. All I could think was, “Why can’t we all have that kind of yearning? Lord, make my heart like that.”

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can’t get enough

Sean’s half-birthday was yesterday. Seriously? Halfway to three already? Where was I and where did the time go? Year #3 is flying by and I’m finding I can’t get enough of this kid. Such sweetness. The more he’s talking the more I’m loving his outlook on life.

A few weeks ago we saw a cloud cutting across a weak evening sun and Sean said, “Look, Mommy! Sun broke!”

And he’s beginning to verbally express his emotions without being prompted: last week he came up and put his arm around Ben while we were rocking and he said, “Mommy, I yuv Baby Ben.” And a few nights ago he heard Chris through the monitor singing Down in the River to Pray to Ben and at the end he looked at me and said, “I yike that song!”

Then there’s his honesty. I asked him a few mornings ago what he wanted for breakfast and got this: “Ummmm, hot dogs!” Sorry, not for breakfast, little man.

And he’s able to find just the right amount of mischief: a few mornings ago he got out of bed for a while before the rest of the family, a typical occurence (yes, we’re lazy parents, but if you have a kid who does a good job of staying out of trouble on his own, why bother getting up until you absolutely have to?), except that this time I couldn’t hear his usual pitter-patter. I got up to investigate and found him devouring a Twizzler from a package Chris left out the night before. He informed me he was “eat’n this.” I see that.

His version of “why” is to incessantly ask, “Mommy, doing?” It doesn’t matter that he can see what I’m doing, I still have to tell him.

And one of my absolute favorite things of my little Sean at 2.5 is listening to him sing songs from Bible class. He already knows all the words to Jesus Loves Me, but he loves to sing any songs. So it’s become part of his nightly routine to sing a few songs before he goes to sleep. And, yes, most of them are accompanied by hand motions.

All I can say is I like the memories he’s giving me.

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