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happy holidays!

I’ve always loved holidays. Some more than others, but holidays in general nonetheless. And I love them even more since we started having kids, but it’s not simply because celebrating holidays with children makes it even more enjoyable. That’s true, yes, but for me there’s something more.

It’s a little known fact, but Chris and I have found out we were pregnant with each of our kids on a holiday. We found out we were pregnant with Sean on Memorial Day, we found out we were pregnant with Ben on Valentine’s Day…and now we can add Halloween to the list. Yep, Baby Huntley #3 is on its way and should be here around the end of June!

So, this means that…

  • I’m about 10 weeks along
  • the baby (as of last week) is about the size of a large olive and all of its internal organs are already formed
  • there will be 20 months between Ben and this baby just like there is between Sean and Ben
  • I have 7 months to get Sean somewhat interested in using the potty, and then completely and fully potty-trained, because as much as I don’t mind having 2 kids in diapers, I refuse to have 3.

I’m taking a poll: what’s your guess, boy or girl?


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four days to a 2-year-old

We were telling Sean a few days ago that in four days we would be going to Mimi and Poppy’s house. He got all excited and breathlessly said, “Us…go…Mimi…Poppy’s house! Forty days! Forty nights!” At least he’s learning something from the Bible. Now we just have to work on context.

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more of sean

The kid’s always good for a few laughs. These gems were all from over the weekend:

RELATIVE (Mimi? Poppy? I don’t remember.): Mmm, Sean, these eggs are good! Who made the eggs?
SEAN: God do!

[As Chris was kissing me and the boys before he walked out the door]
SEAN: Daddy, give Bobby kiss!
CHRIS: I already gave Mommy a kiss.
SEAN: NO, Daddy, give POPPY [my dad] kiss!

SEAN: Mommy, me want cheese, please!
ME: Do you want it shredded?
SEAN: NO! Me want EAT it!

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