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attack of the stinker

Ben’s orneriness seems to be increasing lately, and it apparently really steps up to new levels when he’s exhausted. He refused to take more than a 45-minute nap yesterday, so by dinnertime he was in full stinker mode. After multiple incidences of him grabbing something he wasn’t supposed to, and then turning and running, I couldn’t keep it in any longer–I burst out laughing at the sight and sound of Ben running circles around the table and Sean shrieking along behind him, trying desperately to retrieve whatever Ben stole from him. I know I won’t be laughing after years of this, but for one moment last night, I enjoyed the hilarity of it. Much to Chris’s dismay, since he was having a *very* hard time disciplining anybody with me laughing my head off a room away.

And I think Sean tried to get even this morning. Ben, apparently, started playing with something that I had just told the boys to leave alone, and I turned around in time to hear Sean say to him, “No, Ben, no! Me give you ‘pankin’!” Fun times.


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