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this is january?

The temps have been in the 60’s and 70’s the last few days, but with the boys (especially Sean) being sick, I thought we were going to have to forgo this mid-winter surprise. But I let them loose today anyway for a bit, and I think they appreciated it. Although they definitely weren’t their usual energetic little selves. It wasn’t long before Ben was fussing, Sean was asking to go inside, and they were both completely zapped of energy. So we had to call it a day long before I was ready to. Oh, how I would love for spring to just come early this year! It’s been a long winter already.

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This is my little boy:

This is my little boy with horrible pinkeye, a really bad ear infection, a non-stop runny nose, and a nagging cough:

After four days of this, I’m ready to have my little boy back again.

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