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coming into his own

Sean recently has been unveiling more and more of his little personality, and it’s hilarious. Yesterday, as I was changing his diaper, he made up this song:

“I love to sit in my STINKYYYY DIAPERRR! I love to sit in my STINKYYYY DIAPERRR! I love to sit in my stinky DIAPERRRRRRRRRR!”

Hmmm…and I wonder why pottytraining wasn’t going so well?

And a few nights ago when we stopped for gas on the way home from church, he and I had this conversation:

S: Hey, look, there’s Daddy!
M: I know, Daddy’s going to pump Mommy’s gas.
S: Why?
M: Because I don’t like getting out after dark at this gas station.
S: Mommy…you have clothes on, are you?
M: Do I have clothes on?!
S: Yeah.
M. Yes, I have clothes on. What does that have to do with anything?
S: ‘Tuz, Mommy, it’s cold out there!


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catching up on ben

I’ve been neglectful lately of my second-born. Not literally, I don’t think, but in not keeping up with a monthly record of his second year like I did so faithfully for his brother. I suppose that’s what happens when you’re not the first (as much as I know it pains you, Joanna, to hear that). So, here’s a recap of Ben’s most important accomplishments the last few months:

Month 13 consisted of finally learning two big things: 1) that it really isn’t such a bad idea to go down the stairs feet first on your belly, and 2) that real, big people food really is good. Ben started eating so much table food right about the time that we went to Kansas for Thanksgiving that we joked about leaving him there for a while since he obviously liked Mimi’s cooking so much.

In month 14 Ben started learning how to use a fork and spoon–I guess he decided that if he was going to go about this whole table food business, he might as well do it the right way. He also started learning a slew of baby signs. And it didn’t take long to realize that he picks up on them quickly–he’d just see us do one once or twice, and then he’d start doing it on his own without prompting. “Drink” and “hat” are the two he has since used most frequently (since drinks and hats are about on par with each other around here).

And then in month 15 the verbal onslaught began. Since Sean never said anything besides “Daddy” and “applesauce” before he was 22 months old, it took me by surprise when Ben, at 14 1/2 months old, blurted out “cah-cah” when he saw me opening up a box of crackers. After that it didn’t take long for him to blurt out all kinds of things: “cah” (car), “baw” (ball), “dat-da” (Daddy), just to name a few.

Month 15 was also the month that he started to really take an interest in reading. He’d grab books off his bookshelf or pick them up around the house and just sit in the floor and “read”, or if one of us was close by he’d bring it to us and raise up his little arms so he could be picked up and read to.

At his 15-month appointment he weighed 25 lbs. 5 oz. and was 32 1/2 inches long. Still a long guy, as always, but not quite as chubby as usual–he was actually down 4 oz. from his 1-year appointment. Not that he’s hurting–he’s still got plenty of meat on his bones for us to squeeze.

And then month 16. This last month brought a lot more words–“tzth” (teeth), “chuzz” (cheese), “guh” (yogurt), “ca-ca” (kitty cat), “bi-ba” (bible), “buh” (boo!), “booh” (balloon), “poo” (spoon), “buh-baw” (football)–I can barely keep up with all his new words.

But the hardest part of month 16, probably of the last 4 months overall, was his first haircut. I admit, I put it off until his sweet little baby curls had become an unsightly mullet. I just didn’t want to say good-bye to those little curly locks around the back of his head until I absolutely had to. So instead of this…

now our little man looks like this:

I wish he wasn’t growing up so fast, but if he stays this handsome, I think I can live with that.

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