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It all started back in the spring when THE RAIN came. THE RAIN changed life for the Huntley household and we’re still recovering. You see, because of THE RAIN, our basement started leaking like never before and Chris spent six weeks fighting a losing battle, armed with nothing but lots of towels and a serious lack of sleep. But THE RAIN kept coming and our basement kept leaking, and we finally decided we’d had enough. Our lives and our house were completely turned upside down by that point, all because of THE RAIN, and we couldn’t go on living like that and dealing with that every time it came a downpour.

So we scheduled to have our basement waterproofed by professionals as quickly as possible, which just happened to be June 30…about a week after I was due with baby #3. Not ideal, but we knew we didn’t exactly have any other choice. We’d just deal with it.

And so in June the chaos began. When we started clearing out the basement, we had intended for the overflow to all end up in the garage, but it didn’t take long to realize that simply was not possible. So then the overflow started spilling into our upstairs living area, so that by the time June 30 rolled around, there wasn’t a single room in our house that didn’t have something in it from the basement. So here I was, 9+ months pregnant and ready to have my baby and bring him home to a nice, cozy nest…and my nest was a shambles with no possible way of being put in order again any time soon. We came home to an overflowing house that looked like it was occupied by packrats, with no available seating other than the chairs in the dining room and the rocking chair in the nursery.

It’s amusing that I’ve been speaking in the past tense as if the chaos is over and done with, when the truth is that we’re still in the midst of it. We knew it would be a long ordeal to get everything back in order again, especially with it happening right at the same time as the birth, so we’re actually managing to stay somewhat sane through it all. But as much as I’m ready to have my house back, I’m actually rather thankful that I’ve been forced to go through this at all. Cutting our living space by half (and having it be cluttered and chock-full as well) has forced me to focus my time on doing only the bare essentials required for daily living–a little cooking, a little cleaning, a little laundry, and lots of playing and understanding and being [close!] together. I haven’t had a whole house to deal with and agonize over, and it’s made me realize that my life leading up to this had gotten way out of focus. And so I’ve been spending the last seven weeks analyzing everything in my life–my priorities, my use of time, my relationships, my things–and figuring out what I need to do to get back in focus.

I’ve been spending some of my introspective time perusing the web for helpful websites, and I’ve come across one that has quickly become one of my favorites. If any of you moms out there feel even slightly out of control in some area of home management, check out simplemom.net. You’ll be glad you did, I promise (plus, she’s got a great giveaway on there right now, which honestly isn’t why I’m putting this plug in! I’ve gotten so much from her site that every time I’ve thought of writing this post, I’ve known I would mention her blog.).

All of my thinking has led me to realize one thing: I need to start waging war in just about every aspect of my life. War on procrastination, war on selfishness, war on negativity…even war on poop. Oh, yes. Poop. You’ll hear it all in the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned.


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