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After 7 or 8 months of chaos or clutter or go-go-going or a little (or a lot) of all of the above, life has finally slowed down a bit. Just a bit. But it’s enough for me to catch my breath and gear up for the rest of the whirlwind that we call life. I’ve been waiting for this moment for, well, months. These last several months have been the busiest and most hectic of my life to date, I can honestly say, so much so that 2008 was over before it really even felt like it had begun. The first four months of the year were pretty smooth sailing, normal everyday stuff, looking forward to the arrival of the newest little one. But then came the remaining two-thirds of the year and with it came the chaos and clutter and go-go-going. The whole basement thing, then the baby and all the little readjusting of our routine that that required, then putting the basement back together, then houseguests and a birthday and a holiday and traveling and more houseguests and another holiday and more traveling, all intermixed with the normal stuff of everyday life, and even some of the more traumatic and emotional stuff of just plain hard life. Needless to say, it’s been an overwhelming 7 or 8 months. And as much as I hate wishing time away, I have to admit to being thankful that those months are over and that the coming days have the potential of being a tad bit calmer. I say “potential” because I realize that’s really all that can be guaranteed is a day’s or even just a moment’s potential, and I say “a tad bit calmer” because that’s one lesson I’ve learned from these months of craziness: life for us, in this season right now, is not a time of “calm.” Sure, there can be calm moments, calm days, calm feelings, but more often than not those moments and days and feelings are made and not just happened upon. With three little ones on board, life is just a constant, ever-changing whirlwind, and we must create our own calm in the midst of it.

We just got back into town after more than a week of traveling and visiting family, and I spent a lot of that time thinking of ways I can create more “calm” for our family in this upcoming year. I have high hopes for better routines, better training, better relationships, better living, better fun. I may not be able to completely halt the constant changing that comes along with having little ones, but I would like to add a little more planned changing to control the whirlwind a bit. And I’m hoping that by doing so our 2009 will be more of what our 2008 wasn’t: relaxing, peaceful, calm.

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