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oldest TWO youngest

Mr. Ben turned two in October, and seeing as how that time in our lives was rather chaotic, to say the least, I never did get around to documenting the event. And now that his half-birthday is coming up in just a month, I figure I better get on with it before he’s closer to being three than two.

But where to start? So much, so much, can be said about this boy. From before he was even born, I knew we had fun times in store, and he certainly has not disappointed me on that score. Life with Ben is anything but boring.

Ben’s the type of kid that everybody seems to have a name for (you know, usually names like stinker, ornery, rotten), but a kid that everybody can’t help but love. You watch him for two minutes and there’s no doubt he’s his own person marching along to his own little beat. To Ben, the world has no boundaries. His life motto seems to be, “I want to, I am able, therefore, I CAN.” And woe to the man, woman or child who stands in his way. Countless times I’ve watched him and wondered, “Does he even have a conscience? Is it possible to be born without one?”

But, wow, the life that pours forth from this kid–the joy, the anger, the frustration, the sadness, the disappointment, the curiosity, the wonder, the compassion, the love. Life doesn’t just happen to this boy, he feels it with everything he’s got. And that, my friends, can be an overwhelming thing to witness.

Words fail me when it comes to just how much I love this kid. But when it comes to what I love about him…that list might be endless. I love…

  • his happy giggle, especially the one that comes when he’s being mischievious.
  • his willingness to share almost anything with anybody, especially his big brother.
  • how he calls himself “Dem-dem Duce” for Benjamin Jude.
  • how he sweetly asks for “bapple duce,” even if it happens a dozen times a day and I have to deal with a meltdown when he’s refused.
  • that when we start singing “Benjamin Jude” to the tune of “Winnie the Pooh” he interrupts, shaking his head, saying “Doe, doe, doe! Dat’s Wee Poo dong!”
  • the way he squats down with his little behind sticking out and puts out his little hand to be the catcher when we’re all playing baseball, real or imaginary (I’ve got to get a picture of that before his behind isn’t so cute).
  • that he loves to wear his “bap-ball” hat.
  • how much he loves music and tries to sing along with every single song, even if he’s never heard it before–the moaning, for now, is adorable. And it’s so sweet watching him sitting in church with a song book on his lap, moaning his little heart out.
  • how much he loves Veggie Tales–for now, they’re his favorite thing to watch and his favorite CDs to listen to.
  • that he tends to hoard his bedtime cars under his covers down by his feet. Sometimes I feel like I’m raising a squirrel when we go to make his bed.
  • how noisy he is at home and in familiar surroundings, and how equally quiet he is with new people in new places.
  • how much he loves to read–by himself, with Sean, with Mommy or Daddy.
  • how much he LOVES eggs (he can easily down 4 in one sitting) and how disinterested he is in most sweets (we have yet to buy him his own treat when we go out for ice cream–a few tastes of everybody else’s, and he’s good to go)
  • how he loves to go potty, if for no other reason than for the 2 little M&M;’s he’ll get afterwards. He’ll squeeze with all he’s got until his whole body’s tense, his face is bright red, he’s forcing out gas (and cracking himself up)–all to work out some dribbles for 2 tiny pieces of candy.
  • how he still likes to snuggle, sleepy or not.
  • how small his little face feels in my hands.
  • his wavy hair that will likely end up downright curly (I thought my curly hair would have better odds than one out of three).
  • how much he loves to play outside.
  • how he DOES NOT need someone to play with him (big brothers are so overrated).
  • that he’s finally decided Jonathan’s not so bad to have around, and it can actually be fun to make him laugh.
  • how he moves in. his. own. time (I really do love this, I do, I do).

What I think I love most of all about little Ben is how much he’s teaching me about life–that parenting is so much more difficult than first or only children can make it seem, that patience really is a virtue, that happiness really is a choice, and that life’s worth living with everything you’ve got.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for this kid. The world won’t be the same once Ben gets a hold of it.


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another funny

I was in the boys’ room at bedtime a few nights ago, laying on Ben’s bed in the dark, listening to their CD with them, quietly singing along to “I’ve got peace like a river…” when all of a sudden…

Sean sits up and says, “Mommy, why is that boy saying he’s got PEAS by a RIVER?!”

Gotta love it.

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snippets to remember

  • Chris and I were having a playful argument about the heater in the van being on or off, and he finally blurted out, “Who’s the man in this vehicle?” Sean chimed in from the backseat, “The wise man!”
  • Sean’s recently started calling people “names,” purely in jest, but I’m trying to break him of it to prevent conversations like these from taking place with people who might not be, um, understanding:
    • S: Mommy, you’re a dude!
    • M: I’m a dude?
    • S: Yeah, you’re a dude!
    • B: Mobby, oo is boob.
    • M: Yeah, that’s more like it.
    • S: She’s a Jew?
  • Sean and Ben were wrestling around on our bed while Chris was in the room. Ben started trying to pretend-fight, something they aren’t allowed to do on our bed (for fear of heads going through walls or furniture or some such catastrophe), so Sean tells him, “No, Ben, we can’t fight!” Chris leaves the room a few seconds later and hears Sean say, “Okay, Ben, NOW we can fight.”
  • Sean and I had a discussion about boys growing up to be men, girls growing up to be women, and I thought he grasped the concept until I heard him yell from the playroom a few minutes later, “Mommy, after I’m done being a daddy, then will I be a woman?”
  • Sean informed me this afternoon while eating his snack that when he goes to sleep he wipes his bogies on his bed. Lovely.

Never a dull moment around here!

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