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Yesterday Chris took the two oldest boys out for the morning, had a change of plans while out, and ended up being gone until 10 last night. I forgot how much easier it is to clean without lots of little ones around needing to be fed, clothed, changed, wiped, disciplined, bathed, bedded down, played with, etc. I managed to clean the entire upstairs by myself–even dusting!–in just a few hours. That hasn’t happened since Sean was a baby, I think. And I even managed to do the biannual sorting through and switching out of all three boys’ clothes, complete with a list of what they each still need. I amazed myself.

And then I woke up this morning and life went on. And I spent most of my day feeding and changing and clothing and wiping and disciplining (lots of that) and bathing and bedding down and playing with little ones. And in those moments when I would look around and see chaos where I saw calm just yesterday, I was reminded of why I’ve learned to love the mess. As much as I love a clean house, it can’t give me the happy sound of brothers laughing, or the sweet smell of freshly bathed little ones, or the fun of dinnertime kitchen help, or the cozy cuddling of bedtime stories. The house is just a house. But these little people–the people behind the mess–are joy, hope, love…all the good things that make life worth living.

Yesterday was great (and so was the clean house while it lasted!), but today in all its chaos and ordinariness…today was so much better. Lord, give me millions of todays.

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a busy day

Monday before noon, the boys spent their time throwing Daniel in the lions’ den over and over again, getting a pizza for Farmer Jed, setting up “the pig movie” for all the farm animals to watch, teaching school to a classroom of one, and helping clean up the kitchen and start a few loads of laundry. And after all that, we got in our cars and drove to “Old McDonald’s” where we all ate chicken nuggets, apple dippers and french fries, Sean drank fruit punch, Ben drank apple juice, and I drank water (much to Sean’s surprise–“Don’t they have tea?”).

And to think that to do all that, we never had to leave home, I didn’t have to spend a dime, I still got the kitchen cleaned, laundry folded, beds made, and Jonathan still got his morning nap. And Sean and Ben had the time of their lives.

Imagination is a beautiful thing.

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