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finding the sunshine

Today was one of those days that I’d like to erase. It started off crazy from the moment I stepped out of bed this morning and never really got much better. I could blame it on the boys being abnormally crazy-loco all day long, or on my having to do the single-parent gig for the next 36 hours. But honestly, this time, I’m pretty sure it was just me being off. Needless to say, bedtime with the boys tonight included much discussion of anger and sin and forgiveness…and explaining to a surprised 4-year-old that even Mommy and Daddy disobey God.

I did, however, manage to notice the rays of sunshine when they broke through the clouds today: Jonathan cracking up laughing at himself blowing raspberries on my belly; Sean sweetly singing “Here I Am to Worship” (there’s something about innocent children singing praise songs that completely melts my heart); Ben’s whispered interruption of Sean’s prayer tonight upon hearing him thank God for our cookies (WHAT COOKIES? [let it be known–no cookies were eaten today, by anyone in this house]); and then my favorite…

We started to read Mommy’s Best Kisses tonight and after I said the title Ben looked at me and said, “Yoo my best mobby.” Sweet little boy. On a day like today, this mommy needed to hear that (even if I am his only mommy).

As Anne Shirley said, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” Yes, that’s a nice thought indeed.


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I’ve been meaning to write this one down so as not to forget it:

A while back we were eating out with friends from church, and Sean and Ben were eating with their “big friends,” as Sean calls them (aka teenagers). The big kids apparently had tried striking up a conversation or two with Sean that never really went anywhere, until they started talking about energy drinks. One of the kids said they like Red Bulls, another said they liked Monsters. At this point, Sean started getting all excited and stammered, “I…I…I like DINOSAURS!”

Gotta love it. Poor guy, though, didn’t really understand when everybody started laughing.

And then tonight we experienced a classic from boyhood. Sean and Ben have discovered that it’s great fun to climb onto the shelf that’s on top of their toy box and jump down from it–a good 4 foot leap. Ben did it tonight and hurt his foot when he landed on a toy, and then immediately started wailing and limping around. We had him sit on the couch for a few minutes to check out his foot and make sure we didn’t need to make a trip to the ER. He sat there crying until he’d had enough and then got up to go play…or so we thought. We watched him as he stood up, whimpering, and slowly limped over to the toy box to go at it again. And then he got mad when Chris wouldn’t let him climb back up. Crazy kid. What does he think this is, the X Games?

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the birthday boy

I feel like I need to apologize. First birthdays around here are usually kind of a big deal: big fancy cake, lots of friends and family to help celebrate, lots of presents from the lots of friends and family, lots of planning and anticipation leading up to the celebration, and a big announcement that the birthday boy is going to be a big brother.

Jonathan didn’t have any of that. But here’s what he did have…

a cake made by Mommy (that tasted much better than it looked)…

a few presents from parents, brothers and friends (with plenty of excited help opening them), and cards and money from grandparents and a great…

a (hot, sweaty, crowded) trip to the zoo…

and a quiet little party with the few friends and family who could come.

Jonathan, if you feel gypped about your first birthday when you’re 20, I’m sorry. Really. But let me tell you a little something that I’ve learned in the last 4 years…

A big fancy cake and a cute little theme and lots of presents and people doesn’t necessarily make for a better birthday. Sometimes it just makes for stressed-out, hair-pulling craziness. And life’s too precious to deal with that. So, really, you’re the lucky one. If I had your brothers’ first birthdays to do over again, I’d pick your kind. Quiet, happy, and very full of love. Besides, it won Sean’s stamp of approval, so what more could you ask for (“It was so ES-CITED!)?

Happy birthday, little guy. We love you so very very much.

P.S. Oh, and the little brother or sister…that’s coming. Someday.

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