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the man

I love so many things about Chris, but watching him be “Daddy” is definitely one of my favorites. Probably because he’s such a good one. He comes at everything important in life with unmatched passion and enthusiasm, and fatherhood is no different. So whether he’s rough-housing, playing catch, disciplining, teaching about life or God, telling jokes, or indoctrinating little minds into Ohio State football or Cardinals baseball, you can guarantee he’s giving it all he’s got. And that, my friends, is a fun and amazing thing to witness. I’m so thankful I’ve got an insider’s view of it. And unfailingly thankful for the man behind it all.


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Earlier this week the biggest boys and I were eating our morning snack on the back patio. After a morning of playing outside, the air must have felt a little too hot for Sean’s liking, because it wasn’t long before he told me, “Mommy. It sounds like a good day for you to spray water on us.” (We’re still working on his sensory words–most things “sound” like something to him, whether he’s experiencing it with his eyes, ears, hands, nose, or mouth). I got what he meant. It sounded like a good day for that to me too. And so we did.

Normally, if I had planned this sort of thing, we would have taken the time to put on their swim trunks, taken off their socks and shoes, probably lathered their white little bodies in sunscreen. And after a good half hour of prep work, their anticipation and excitement would have almost completely waned, I probably wouldn’t have gotten any pictures, and the baby would’ve been awake inside, yelling to be retrieved from his solitude.

But instead, I seized the moment and went with it, something I’m trying hard to do more often. The dishes and the laundry and the mess will always be there. Moments like these won’t.

I’m thankful I have these little guys to help me notice what sounds like a good day. I’m afraid I might miss it otherwise. And I have to agree with Sean–this most definitely sounded like a good day.

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brains and watermelon

Sean’s the resident expert on pretty much everything. Today while he and Ben were eating watermelon slices, I heard him say, “No, Ben, don’t eat the green part! Don’t eat the green part! It’s not good for your brain!”

What? I have no idea where he got that bit of information. But it made for a good laugh.

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