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A few months ago, a friend was needing more pictures for his new photography website, and we were more than happy to provide him with a few subjects. Here are some of the best from that quick little photo shoot:

Thanks, Landon!


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Quotable moments from recent days:

B: Don, oo doe I pooped on da poh-ee?! [it’s a big deal around here, worth sharing with everyone]
S: Yeah, I didn’t poop on the potty, though. You POOP on the potty on Sunday mornings and I PEE on the potty on Sunday mornings.
After watching a friend change her newborn boy’s diaper:
S: Roderick has tiny little baby feet.
B: Da, and he has a tiny dil pea-dut.
Upon seeing dolls in a book:
S: Mommy, next time can we get dolls?
M: What would you do with dolls?
S: I would just THROW dolls! [duh!]

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