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He had this cake planned for almost a year–strawberry with chocolate frosting
(and chocolate-covered strawberries on top, of course!).

Here he is, the big five-year-old. I always knew this one would be a big one for me, but I didn’t expect it to be a big one to him too. He couldn’t wait for his birthday – counted down the days for a few weeks and was just so excited when it finally came.

It still doesn’t seem like he should already be five. I have such distinct memories of him as a baby–birthing him, nursing him, rocking him, bathing him, watching him grow and grow and GROW until he was a round little butterball. And he was such an easy baby he made the whole new parent thing seem like a piece of cake. I remember thinking in the first few weeks of his life how incredibly blessed I was to be the one to end up with him. And despite some difficulties along the way, he still, for the most part, makes parenting seem so easy. No matter how old he gets, I have a feeling he’ll always be the same boy at heart: easy-going, perpetually happy, sociable, a perfectionist, and obsessed with good food, sports, and books–everything that makes the kid so downright lovable.

Sean at five
Favorite present: My bike!
Favorite color: Red & orange
Favorite thing to eat: Lasagna
Favorite drink: Chocolate milk
Favorite song: Our God is an Awesome God and
This Little Boy is Going to Bed
Favorite book: One Bear Lost
Favorite Bible story: David and Goliath
Favorite thing to play: Football
Favorite place to go: To the park
Favorite thing about being 4: I liked playing baseball.
Looking forward to about being 5: I’m looking forward to riding my bike!

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