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worth it

When the days start running together and the dishes won’t stay clean and the laundry never ends and the discipline doesn’t seem to be working and the cooking isn’t enough and the potty won’t get used (thus the laundry never ends) and the big projects never even get touched and it takes every ounce of energy just to do the bare minimum and it all seems so completely and totally and utterly pointless…it’s nice to have a day where the 5-year-old, after eating a supper of ham, beans, rice and cornbread, says, “Mmm, Mommy, that was delicious! Thank you for making that for us!” and the 3-year-old, while getting ready for bed, looks up at me with his scrunched up, shy little grin and says, “Mommy, I like you.”

I guess these little people are worth it after all.


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